just a little quick life update.

my 3-month internship is over and done with. while i do appreciate this short holiday before school starts again at the end of june, i definitely do miss all my new friends and ex-colleagues. it was an experience that i will never forget and it really did make me grow as a person as well as a designer but i cannot deny that it does feel nice not having to wake up at 8am every morning and being able to have cheeky lie-ins with the boyfriend and whatnot.

secondly, i’ve been trying to lose weight. my starting weight from 3 weeks ago was 44.6kg. my goal weight is 42kg. as of this morning, i weigh 42.5kg and i’ve never been happier with my body or felt this accomplished in a while to be honest. it’s been a real struggle to get to this point. at the beginning, i was monitoring my caloric intake super strictly and i capped it at 600kcal every single day. it was honestly torture so i decided to stop before the obsession became worse. now, i eat 2 small meals a day with an occasional snack or two and i go to the gym every other day or every day if i have the time and i always do about 45 minutes on the treadmill with light strength training and it seems to be working fine for me. i’m not as grumpy as i was at the beginning and i don’t get as hungry as i often as i used to. it could just be that my body’s getting used to the amount of food i’m putting into myself but i’m definitely not complaining.

it definitely isn’t the healthiest method nor do i recommend it cause it really does take quite a toll on the body and the fatigue is real and the urge to binge-eat is real and it’s not fun. please do not follow.

yeah, other than that, um, the boyfriend and i just passed our 21st monthsary yay. it’ll be our 2nd anniversary this august and i can’t wait for that milestone. i’ll also be going back to malaysia tomorrow for about 9 days to spend time with the family and eat good food in regulated portions as well as do admin shit like renew my passport and my driving license and all that good stuff.

i don’t really know when i’ll be back but till then, stay strong, stay happy and remember that even the sun doesn’t always shine.

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