the return

I don’t know what it is about words that intrigue me. I don’t know what it is about writing that keeps me coming back, no matter how long I’ve been away.

Maybe I find it interesting how, without wasting a breath, you can hear a voice inside your head reading aloud the lines of text that I’ve curated and published, telling you stories that I’ve only ever told myself in my own head and in my own voice.

Or perhaps, it’s something more simple. Perhaps, I just want an outlet to express myself in the most basic of ways, through alphabets and numbers and amateur photography, away from the flashy video edits and 3D animation and all that nonsense.

Whatever it is, the urge to write has compelled me to return to this space. And I’m excited for what’s to come.

Till then, live life one step at a time and remember that even the sun doesn’t always shine.


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YouTube | Joyce + Kirby


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